Hi I’m Jeremy Mark Meyer. I was born in 1981 and I grew up in a small, working class part of South Carolina.  As a kid I was extremely shy and awkward, largely due to the abusive situation I was raised in. And as a result, I struggled to make friends and always felt out of place. 

     That all caused me to become a total people pleaser and perfectionist. And while I had no confidence or belief in myself, part of me wished that one day I could attain a career that would allow me to escape blue collar poverty.

     My first attempt at a career was as an actor. You see, I always loved movies and television. And even though I was still very shy in college, I challenged myself to take acting classes and act in plays.          

      I was by no means a natural. But I was determined to get as good as I could at acting. And I thought that just maybe, I might be able to get a career out of my pursuits. So after graduating college, I moved to Los Angeles at 24 years old. 

     Along the way I was able to land some exciting and fun acting gigs. But they were few and far between. So I always had to work some crappy full-time job just to survive. And before I knew it I was 33 years old. And I was nowhere near having an actual career as an actor.

     So I took a soul searching trip to Peru. Down there I attended two ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies. And that changed me in a lot of positive and profound ways. Most obviously, it allowed me to see myself and my career pursuits differently. So I decided to move on from the acting path. Which felt like a huge weight off my shoulders. And then, with newfound excitement and possibility, I set out on a whole new search for a career. I was looking to find a career that would lead to success and happiness as well.

     That steered me down the path of personal development. I’d dabbled in self-help content up until that point. But this time I dove all in. So I consumed as much content as I could find, from books, to podcasts, to documentaries, to online courses and live events. Plus I hired various coaches and hypnotherapists. And I even got deep into spirituality.

     This all helped me learn a lot of new things while healing more of my past subconscious issues. And along the way, I realized that becoming a coach was the best path for me.

     So then I started training as a coach. And steadily I gained knowledge of useful tips, tools and techniques to help others. Plus, I thankfully, got lots of experience with a variety of different clients. Plus I realized that I liked the process of building a successful business out of being a coach.

     And after some trial and error and lots of ups and downs, I discovered the best niche for me. Which is to help people build a six figure online business while they tap into purpose, authenticity & fulfillment. So if you happen to be stuck in a day job while hoping to build an online business…Just click the image below for a free copy of my book.